I live to encourage you guys to embrace your authentic, bad-ass, beautiful selves because there is only ever going to be one of you in the world!

When it comes to giving advice about how to embrace your authentic self, I’m caught in a catch-22 (which is also a great book).  Inherently, if you copy someone else’s idea of authentic – even if you are emulating someone with a positive self-image – you’re reflecting someone else’s truth rather than your own.  You can find role models and inspiration in a million different people, but at the end of the day, authenticity is a spark within you that only you can ignite and inflame!

Of course, I hope that when you feel low on energy or low on self-esteem that you reach out to me – your friendly neighborhood cheerleader – to encourage you to find your light again.  But I will never be here to dictate what you should do.  I’m here to remind you that you already know what to do!  Your truth, your love, your light and your funky sense of humor… that’s all you baby.  There isn’t one diet, one exercise regime, one magical mermaid shampoo that is going to turn you into “Better You 2.0”. Better You 2.0 comes from listening to YOURSELF before anyone else and trusting that you already know the answer.

We are in the search for authenticity together!

We are framily! I got all my sister’s with me! I’m really belting sister sledge with the word “framily” instead of “family” as I write this…

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