“From Pretty to Pretty Brave” on Why Not Now

September 2016 ©MBKoeth
Matt has said on many occasions, “You have so many friends!”

It’s true! It’s true! I accumulate friends like a hoarder and I love it! I’m really lucky to have such inspiring friends too, like Amy Jo Martin, who’s super generous and invited me on her top rated New and Noteworthy Podcast, Why Not Now?

Listen in and find out what my Why Not Now? moments were in life–and continue to be! (Spoiler alert–I’m working on something over here!) I hope this leaves you inspired to give back to yourself and enjoy your incredible body right now, especially over the holidays!

Also, the episode can be found here.

Peace and love (and joy!),


PS- Will you be my friend? Check yes or no.
Photo Mary Beth Koeth


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