Love Letter to my Younger Self

I was asked–more like challenged–by Jeanette Schneider of Lore and Little Things to write a love letter to my younger self. I was totally surprised at several things:

-How difficult I found it to sit down and forgive myself for feeling like I wasn’t good enough, or pretty enough, as a young girl.

-I was perplexed at which younger version of myself I should write to. (I realize now how many awkward stages I went through.) After pouring over childhood pictures, some which I share in this video, I ended up picking this awesomely brave version of my younger self.

-I was surprised at how rewarding this (grueling) practice was–to dedicate quality time to catharsis, self-love, and healing.

Here’s Jeanette and I with some inspiration on my process of writing this letter and some behind the scenes stories and younger self pictures I’ve never released. We hope this inspires you to write your own letter, and that this gives you a sense of permission and allowance to own who you were as a young girl.

There’s a much needed release in forgiving yourself, especially your younger self. I challenge you to #beprettybrave, sit down with a pen and journal and spend some quality time forgiving your younger self with for ever feeling like she was imperfect. If you’re feeling really inspired, I’d love for you to share the picture of your younger self on Instagram or Facebook and use the hashtags #loveletters and #BePrettyBrave.

I’d love for you to share your feedback on what this process was like for you. Also, let me know what you thought of this interview in the comments below. Thanks and good luck!

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