Love Yo Self

The universe gave us all these amazing bodies and minds and yet, we live in a world that often makes it rare and truly difficult to feeeeel our own amazingness. I reek of myself (but I don’t stank. There is an important nuance here).  Since coming out of decades of self-sabotage, I’ve learned to embrace everything, to feel immense gratitude for my body and for this life.  I want you all to reek of yourselves too! Seriously, I’m so excited for you to embrace your own Earth Suit that I might gag from enthusiasm overload.

Maybe it sounds like i’ve been drinking too much chicory coffee and my love and passion is an elaborate caffeine high… but I promise you, it’s real. My belief that we are all friggen’ miracles is Hundo P au natural baby.  There is something that just clicks when you start treating your body with the love and respect and admiration that it deserves.

You might be thinking: “Ok Emily, but whhattt?! What does self-love even mean? How do I know if I’m doing it? I kinda-sometimes like myself?”

Look, the key to self-love is that you are already 95% of the way there just because you exist.  You are this incredible gift with a body and a soul and a mind! Maybe you are just hiding all your sweetstuff under years of…

I have to be more!…
But she is prettier!….
But he said I wasn’t enough!…
Wait, what am I doing!…
Why did I just do that!…

First up… SHAKE IT OFF.  Seriously, stand up, turn on your favorite song and do a little (big, embarrassing) dance.  Get your blood moving, blast the dead weight of your self-critical thoughts and then return to me.

** Dance Interlude **

Welcome back.  Feeling better?

Guess what!  That was self-love!  You just did it! Taking a second to get out of your own head and to just feel your body without criticism or judgment… that is self-love.

What else do you do for a little self-love? I want to hear from you!

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