Best Toys For Toddlers

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My one year old son is the ONLY grandson and great grandson on my side of the family (the tenth boy on Matt’s side!). For that reason, we have alllllllll the new toys and allllll the hand-me-downs. I’ve come up with a list of Ollie’s favorite toys, in case you’re looking for a MUST HAVE holiday or birthday gift for a toddler.

1. Soft play foam blocks. Fun for everyone! Crawling over these toys, making forts, building shapes, stretching…. the opportunities are endless. We have a modern color set of these soft play shapes and they’re beautiful! We don’t have to hide them when friends are over.

2. Metal lunch box filled with dollar store goodies like a small etch-a-sketch, sticky notes, cars, magnets for inside lunchbox, and blocks. My best friends gifted this to Ollie and it’s captured his attention since. He even likes opening and closing the metal lunchbox.

3. Lock and key wood toy (by Melissa and Doug). Ollie could spend a good thirty minutes playing with this toy!

4. Hard back books. Great because they don’t tear and Ollie can practice turning pages. I’m personally obsessed with the books “Made for Me” and “Two Stars in the Sky are You and I” (customizable so you can print your family photo the end of the book!).

5. Recorder. Ollie LOVES my childhood recorder from elementary school music class…remember those? I will always remember the tune Calypso I had to master while on family vacation. Now, Ollie gets to do that and it’s fun for me to remember all the songs I once “mastered.” 😂 Also, it holds up in the tub, so being “waterproof” is an added bonus!

6. Lovevery subscription. This is a Montessori style toy subscription box that gets sent to my house every time Ollie is entering into a new milestone (every 2-3 months). My mom gifted this to us since we don’t live nearby. This way Ollie can keep getting gifts, even when we’re not near. This is THE smartest toy gift. We love it, and I can’t say that Montessori toys are always a hit in our house. Sometimes a hand me down plastic jet plane that makes lots of loud noises just wins out…boy life!