Pretty Brave

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Pretty Brave: The True Story of a Model’s Struggle with Radical Self-Acceptance and Coming of Age in a Body-Obsessed World

Pretty Brave is a story that few women are willing to tell but that all need to hear. With humor and warmth, I share my lifelong struggle with weight and self-image and the commitment I eventually made to love my body and live with radical honesty. It gives readers an in-depth look at the plus-size modeling industry and its many dirty secrets and examines how my career affected my physical and mental health. It’s an intimate and empowering look at the pressures that all women face, one that encourages readers to ask, “What does it mean to be ‘perfect’? And who gets to make that decision?”

The book offers a compelling message for all women as well as inspiring thought leadership for future generations and parents raising children in a world full of images of perfection and instant feedback. I encourage readers to examine the wars we wage on ourselves and show them that we are miracles just the way we are.