Black Lives Matter with Rachel Pierre and guests

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My beautiful friend from high school Rachel Pierre from Mommifaceted, helping Black women feel seen, understood, and valued as they navigate the facets of motherhood, hosts ” Brave Talks Ep. 07: “Black Lives Matter” with special guests Dorian Shaw and Stephanie Perkins. These three ladies went to high school with me. I was curious to hear about their experiences during our formative years, and how they might have been different, and similar, to mine.

Several weeks before filming this episode, one of the guests, Stephanie Perkins, shared a video on social media. She stepped in front of a white man holding a shotgun pointed at her son in a group of peaceful protesters. I was in such raging disbelief and so upset after seeing the post, as anyone would be. I reached out to Stephanie to see what we could do to create change and protect her sweet family, and we did what all mamas do–ban together! With that, we created this episode with these three very special women who knew me in my glory days… 🙂

Rachel Pierre, the host of this episode, generously shares her inspiration, wisdom, and resources with us today:

I hate that we are constantly seeing the same horrific parts of history repeating itself.

With all of the voices and messages being shared, it’s hard to read all of it, watch the videos, listen and take it all in. Then when you add COVID-19, social distancing, the anxiety of being out with a mask on, and my kids bouncing off the walls…I know, we are all tired!

I created Mommifaceted to highlight Black women who are bucking the traditional ways of motherhood and the world’s expectations of what a black mother is “supposed” to be. I made it my mission to create a space for Black women to feel seen, understood, and valued as we navigate the many facets of motherhood. And, I invite all of you to check it out because we all face the same challenges! I think that’s the beautiful thing of what’s coming out and of what Emily, the other guests, and I talked about. We realized we are so similar in our challenges and our differences are worth celebrating.

There’s a lot changing in the world and being a part of this important conversation about race and equality is a great first step in contributing to real change.

Make sure you are taking care of yourself this week, your family needs you!

Brave love,



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