Motherhood, Mental Health, and Entrepreneurship with Danielle Duboise and Dr. Robin Berzin

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 Brave Talks Ep. 08: “Motherhood, Entrepreneurship, and Mental Health” with Danielle Duboise, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Sakara Life and Dr. Robin Berzin, CEO of Parsley Health.

In this special episode, these ladies inspire me to be braver. To think out-of-the-box when it comes to creative solutions for family dynamics and work/life balance. I was intensely curious to hear about how they’re handling their experiences as new mamas and running businesses with 200+ employees during a pandemic and quarantine. Listen in and make sure to check out the huge discounts for Sakara Life and Parsley Health included below.

First, a letter from Danielle Duboise:

When I was pregnant and becoming a mother, a word kept coming to me over and over– grace. Grace. Grace. I had never really thought about that word until then. But now, it’s become a mantra of mine to walk through this world, this time, this experience as a mother with grace. It’s forced me to find my gratitude in times when I normally would have opted for self-pity or martyrdom. It’s helped me make space for my daughter so that she can grow up and become her own person rather than the one I think she should or shouldn’t be. It’s allowed me to remember that motherhood is full of ups and downs and that’s ok, I can handle them all. It helped me be bold in ways I didn’t know I had the courage to be. The word grace has set a drumbeat to my life as a mother that I’m so incredibly grateful for. The definition is perfect– simple elegance of movement. Life is so simple when we allow it to be. Elegance is personal, but to me, it means I’m standing in my power, not reactive to the many winds brought my way. And movement… life is always moving and change is the only constant.


A message from Dr. Robin Berzin:

Jumping into launching Parsley Health in 2016 was a leap. I had a vision for medical care that combined the best of modern, science-based, conventional medicine with a personalized, holistic approach. I wanted it to be affordable, accessible, and effective — which meant many long days wearing multiple hats as the CEO, doctor, operator, and marketer when I opened our first space in New York City. In those early days, I wrote every newsletter and saw every patient myself.

Within a year I was fundraising — and pregnant — adding a new hat to the pile: becoming a mom. Many people will say that founding a company and having a baby are similar— but doing both simultaneously is a different game altogether. And it’s been one of the most rewarding of my life. Motherhood has been my greatest teacher.

It’s definitely not easy to have two kids under the age of three while running a company; my second child, a beautiful baby girl, was born this February, right before quarantine hit and our childcare was lost for a bit. But I have learned and grown so much from the process. I know how to be the rock in the storm on another level. I’ve learned a gentleness that is new. I get the chance to teach my kids the values that I want to see in the world. And, I’ve learned how very important it is to care for myself first if I want to be there for everyone else.

To be an effective mother, partner, and leader, I cannot just push through. I need to build space to fill myself up so that I can give to others. Learning that lesson (perhaps the hard way) was the thing that finally gave me license to carve out a new routine for myself:

  • Coffee walks: Instead of staying at my desk at home and barreling through the day, I go for a walk with a cup of coffee, something I never would have done in the old days in the office. I walk and think and explore ideas, let emotions percolate through and morph, and sit with big decisions. It’s been a surprisingly effective strategy tool that I would have treated as a waste of time in the past.
  • Creative writing: Writing has always been an outlet for me, but it’s easy to make excuses for skipping it. Now, I try to carve out once a week on a weekend morning for an hour to exercise the creative side of my brain. Research has found that expressive activities like creative writing decrease the physical symptoms of stress. Sometimes I write an essay, other times it’s a vision for what I want the next year or decade to look like.
  • Calming meditation: Meditation has been part of my routine for years now, but lately, I’ve been blocking out more time to do longer meditations. These sessions allow me to go deeper on an intention and give my body and mind time to fully rest. I start with a 10-15 minute resonance breath and then usually do a visualization that repletes my energy or brings into focus an issue I am working on.

No matter what’s going on in your life, making time for the activities that fill you up isn’t just a nice to have—it’s a need to have to support your mental and emotional well-being.

Be brave,

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