The Audacity of Listening Hard (When You’re Deaf) with Jen Pastiloff

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In Brave Talks Ep. 09: “On Being Human and Making Money Rain Down on Others” I chat with my good friend Jen Pastiloff, NYT Best-Selling author of On Being Human, about being deaf in a culture not set up for inclusion, and how in the F she makes money rain down on other people, unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

A message from Jen:

Isn’t it funny how we make up stories about other people? The world? Our own selves?

I’ve gotten 6 text messages recently saying “you do so much.”

#Realmotherf*ckinglife = that I don’t get dressed most days. That’s my hashtag for obvious reasons. I haven’t worn anything except elastic pants since March. My son is always on the iPad and in pajamas. I’ve been depressed. I have no idea what I’m doing. I haven’t had a sip of alcohol in a month. Point being- it’s best to not make up stories because mostly they just make us feel bad. I mean, make up some stories! Storytelling makes the world go round. It’s how we survive I think. Art, literature, stories.

I’m just over here taking the next breath. And the next. Go easy on you. I’ll do the same.

Let yourself off the hook,