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Emily started Topless Yoga in 2014 as a fun bras-on bellies-out self-confidence fitness event. This event was created to inspire women to integrate radical self-acceptance into their fitness journeys. During the class, women take their tops off and expose their healthy bellies (#HealthyBellySelfie), proving that being brave enough to be strong and self-accepting is actually what makes a woman pretty, no matter what shape, size or color her body is. Topless Yoga is a catalyst for women’s self-confidence, reminding us all to use our “Earth Suit” in a positive way, every day. 

The idea behind going topless is that women are physically and mentally stripping themselves of all of the untrue stories from the past. Over the course of the fitness event, women develop a newer, stronger, and truer appreciation for their Earth Suit and offer unconditional love and support for the women around them.

Emily has presented Topless Yoga in 4 countries, at New York Fashion Week in 2015, on cruise ships, and to thousands of strong, beautiful and topless women.

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For my charitable work with students and student athletes, see Giving Back.


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