Healing Our Body Image Obsessions with Amy Jo Martin

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With the launch of my show, Brave Talks, I’m having each inspiring guest takeover my Sunday newsletter. Their wisdom, stories, and bravery are unmatched. 

I’ve asked my friend Amy Jo Martin from Brave Talks Ep. 02: “Healing Our Body Image Obsessions” to share her inspiration this week: 

They say if you feel shame, paint it red. Well, I have my red paintbrush out today. 

I went on my first diet & began to count calories at age 10. My struggle with body image and disordered eating has been a 30-year long journey. From running 10 miles on the treadmill as punishment to being consumed every single day by thinking, worrying, obsessing and often despising about what I look like.

I’ve never really opened up about this until now because …

I was afraid I needed to have it all “figured out” and I thought I needed to bring the solutions.

I was afraid people would think I was weak.

I was afraid it would impact my business negatively.

The numbers used to control me. And let’s be honest, some days they still creep in and try to be the boss. The weight, the calories eaten, the calories burned the number of steps, the number of days left to trim down before XYZ event. This isn’t “over” but it’s definitely better.

I’ve found there IS another way beyond despising and dreading myself.

It all comes down to genuinely feeling like I’m “enough”. On the inside. When I measure my “enoughness” from the outside, it’s never enough. It’s a losing game.

Enough is an inside thing. As soon as I began going inward several years ago, the real work, healing and progress began. This takes daily, moment to moment, effort and intention. Mindfulness to choose the better thought.

I’m engaging in this conversation and open to finally sharing because *Seeing is believing*.

I was able to make strides and healthy progress from watching how others have navigated. You can too. I don’t have all the answers but I know one thing to be true: sharing your journey can help yourself and others.

Emily, thank you for guiding me and leading the way. I’m forever grateful.

I’m waving my brave flag today, finally feeling free.