I Cheated Death. Here’s What I Learned About Priorities with Phoebe Mroczek

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I’ve asked my friend Phoebe Mroczek from Brave Talks Ep. 04: What We Can Learn about Our Priorities When We Cheat Death to share her inspiration. In this letter, Phoebe shares a love letter she wrote to herself the day before she was hit by a car while crossing the street and lived to tell the story: 

October 22, 2019 (Day before the accident)

Dear Phoebe,

I’m sorry you ignored the whispers.

I’m sorry you allowed your ego to run the show.

The belief that it’s about the race.

About looking good and making everyone happy.

It’s time to stop running, to stop rushing, to stop competing.

The desire to be further ahead, to win the race, to crack the code and hit that milestone.

To prove that you’re worthy of love and attention.

The hope that if they love you, maybe you’ll love you.

You’ve spent much of your life waiting for someone, something, a smaller size or some amount of money to rescue you, to pull you out of whatever whirlpool you were in.

You’re knee-deep in the falsity of the fairytale.

The “I’ll be happy when…” and believing you’ll live happily ever after.

You’re hiding.

For fear of shining.

You’re dimming your light.

To make others feel better and more comfortable.

You’re one foot out, across most areas of your life.

And your fear is getting the best of you.

What happens tomorrow will change your life.

It’ll happen when you least expect it.

Know that it was never meant to kill you, but it will rattle your cage.

It will be a cause for pause.

A major wake-up call.

Critical disruption.

And will challenge every part of your being.

It will put your own Unbecoming, your trust and your surrender to the test.

Be patient with yourself.

Remember that growth happens in all directions.

It’s not always the movement and momentum forwards.

You will find clarity (and save your own life) by simply taking a step back.

You will find that what you thought were your values, what you thought were your priorities, were merely abstract words.

Words that made you feel better, without any connection to meaning itself.

The truth is that your values are simple. They’re unique.

Your values are not something you strive to be, but something you are.

Your actions, bank account and calendar will show you what you value most.

And when you define them properly, you will find peace, meaning and fulfillment in your priorities.

You will spend the next five to six months reevaluating, and redefining your priorities.

Your guiding values in this next chapter of your life will be:

*Creativity, find and express inspiration through learning. Stay curious.

Seeking new opportunities for growth through exploration and adventure.

*Communication, your greatest gift, opportunity and challenge.

Lean into your writing, and speak out more authentically on the podcast.

*Connection, with yourself and the people who matter most to you.

Prepare for ascension, where you will open up to a level of spirituality you’ve never experienced before.

Trust and go deeper.

In seven months, you will be happy and life will look a lot different than it does now.

In those tough times, of deep sadness, confusion and pain, know that it gets better.

Your patterns were disrupted and that takes time to rewire.

Keep digging deep, keep asking yourself what matters most.

Keep defining and redefining each guiding principle, because no two definitions are the same.

Know that I love you, and that’s all that really matters.

Lastly, just know that this will be a brave story worth sharing.