Radical Self-Acceptance with Emily Nolan


Radical Self-Acceptance with Emily Nolan

Emily Nolan is the host of Brave Talks, a show about radical honesty and self-acceptance. Recognized as one of the “Most Influential Thought Leaders in Wellness” and named one of the “Rockstar Yogis Leading the Body-Positive Movement,” Emily is a globally leading authority on self-esteem. Her work has been recognized by hundreds of global leaders and...



Pretty Brave

Today’s episode with my good friend Emily Nolan was one of the most honest, hilarious and entertaining conversations I’ve had on the show. As UNCW graduates and collegiate athletes, Emily and I connect over much more than just the surface stuff. In fact, we dive right in from the start and her story encourages me...

I committed to myself because I love myself; and because I love myself, I want to be the happiest version of myself.

Soul on Fire

Complication Detoxes, Reeking of YOURSELF, & Finding True Fullness with the Self-Acceptance Master

Jordan chats with her sister from another mister Emily Nolan — international model, authenticity master, radical self-acceptance leader, incredible writer, and the founder of TOPLESS yoga — a self-confidence yoga event and retreat series used as a tool for self-love. They talk about everything from their crazy similarities to Emily’s “four stages of self” in which she found her most evolved self, a.k.a “Full Emily.” Not to mention Emily’s recent 45 pound weight loss — how she did it...

Our culture wants us to live in the future of an idea of what we could be – and that idea is always better than what we are now. But in truth, is it?

Why Not Now?

From Pretty to Pretty Damn Brave

Emily Nolan found herself lying on an operating table in the middle of a life or death Why Not Now? moment. She had modeled at 16 different sizes and lived a life in pursuit of being “pretty” until she realized that nothing would ever be enough. Emily now practices radical honesty and self-acceptance. We talk through how she got to a point where she feels healthy in her Earth Suit. We discuss the impact our culture around beauty has on society. Emily said, “Our culture wants us to never have an end game. To always buy, consume and to never have enough and to live in the future of an idea of what we could be – and that idea is always better than what we are now. But in truth, is it?”

I’ve been a size 0, I’ve been a size 16. I realized that happiness never came, ever, from a size. Happiness was always a permission that I gave myself, and I could have that at any size.

The Bold Life Movement


Emily is a goddess when it comes to walking her walk. She is a champion of radical self-acceptance, and shares her story vulnerably and openly on My Kind of Life. I was thrilled to be participating in one of Emily’s upcoming #BePrettyBrave retreats. Be sure to follow Emily's story below and share this episode with your friends!

We need to drop the weight of the stories that keep us from believing that we’re perfect just the way we are.

Chloe’s Countertop // Conscious Conversations

Body Image, Body Freedom, and Paving the Way for Brave Adventures for Women, Topless

We first met on an island in Greece (with Cheryl Strayed) and have since traveled on a cruise with celebrities and to Costa Rica together- to expand the movement towards body love, body freedom and total vulnerability. Since meeting Emily, my own dedication to my mission has grown and I know that it has something to do with all the beautiful things she is up to in this world. I love her dearly, and I know you will too.

I’d rather be in this body and happy than be in this body and think I suck.

Hello Freedom

Celebrating Your Healthy Body

Emily is beautiful inside and out and I wanted to share her groovy story of how she navigated the world of modeling and rejected body shaming to get to self-celebration as a successful plus-size model. She is a living example of transformation and uses her platform to teach others how to drop the shame, and embrace the glory of body love and the liberating results of doing “topless” yoga! (I can attest to this fact. I was so resistant and now it’s all I do and it FEELS AMAZING to stop hiding!)

When we are sharing our shame there is no shame.

Let It Out


For those of you that don’t know her get ready to be inspired and maybe even learn some crazy things about the modeling and social media world (I did!). She is the creator of Topless Yoga and the blog My Kind of Life. Her message and work create such a meaningful impact in the world and I am truly honored to have her as a guest this week. We get into all kinds of topics from food energetics to ‘going topless’. Enjoy the episode and let me know what your favorite part is over in the WWRadio Facebook group!