Permission to be Brave with Kathryn Budig

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I’ve asked my friend Kathryn Budig from Brave Talks Ep. 03: Permission to be Brave to share her inspiration: 

To anyone who needs a permission slip:

I’ve been chewing around on the concept of permission ever since I shared a lovely illustration and quote by Stephanie Chinn. It’s an abstract image of a person, their skin alive with the night sky, stating, “The permission I’ve been silently waiting for turned out to be my own.”

This struck me as someone who has been slowly but persistently marching through the bog of transition for years. I’ve given myself permission slip after permission slip, listening to my own intuition, regardless of the expectations of others. Each ‘slip’ allows me to take one step forward.

This is my theory behind what it takes to aim true: an approach I’ve used in my writing and teaching nearly a decade, but I soon realized permission goes way beyond finding your own voice. Permission also falls in waiting on others to give you the green light on what you already know to be true.

Permission is waking up recognizing you’re homesick for yourself, and while we’re often looking for outside permission to be ourselves, I find permission is also about discarding the societal shell and allowing yourself to say yes to the wildest, highest version of yourself you never dreamt you could be.

I can’t stress this enough: Create for yourself; not for others. Tune into the things that bring you joy and peace, especially when there’s no one else around to applaud or give the stamp of approval. Give yourself permission.



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