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Pretty Brave

Today’s episode with my good friend Emily Nolan was one of the most honest, hilarious and entertaining conversations I’ve had on the show.

As UNCW graduates and collegiate athletes, Emily and I connect over much more than just the surface stuff. In fact, we dive right in from the start and her story encourages me to publicly share something I never have before.

Her first book, Pretty Brave, will be released soon and you’re going to learn what this whole concept is really about (you can pre-order Emily’s book by clicking here)!

In this episode she reveals the behind-the-scenes of her modelling career, including why she stopped and the extreme measures she took to further her career, as well as the four different seasons of her life. Emily also talks about why she felt like such a fraud, and what she did to release the shame she has felt in the past.

She shares why radical self-acceptance is so important now that she is a soon-to-be mom, and how she moves her body, or as she calls it, her “Earth Suit”, differs now from when she was younger and a competitive athlete.

Most importantly, Emily shows us how she discovered what real beauty is and should be. It’s a call to love up on our bodies, so we can all address what really matters, and be brave enough to believe that we’re all perfect – just the way we are.

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You can learn more about Emily at her website and if Emily’s message and this episode resonated with you, go follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Please share your insights and ah-ha’s with her directly through email! You can also follow Phoebe Mroczek, The Unbecoming Podcast host on Instagram, Facebook, and Linked In