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Day Trip

The Dylan

Very luxurious and in the best neighborhood.

The Pullitzer

Has one of my favorite bars and is in the best neighborhood.

Sir Adam Hotel

A very hip, fun hotel at a reasonable price—comparable to the Ace Hotel in New Orleans.

All the Luck in the World, Amsterdam Oost

Cute boutique for fun jewelry and home decor goods, also serves yummy tea, coffee, and pastries.

Back to Black, Central Amsterdam

Cozy little coffee shop near the Rijksmuseum, adorable interior, yummy pastries.

Beter & Leuk, Amsterdam Oost

I often studied here, because I loved how cozy it was. Felt like an Aunt’s living room or something like that…They serve food here (and good, healthy food at that), but my favorite thing was to come here for a tea and a sweet potato brownie.

Pluk, Jordaan

A super Instagrammable spot for a latte and pastry. They also serve food, but I preferred stopping there for a snack. The carrot cake is delicious! They also sell some adorable mugs, chocolate bars, etc.

Scandinavian Embassy, De Pijp

These guys aren’t messing around with their coffee and are incredibly well respected. It always smells amazing in there, too, because they make their own cakes and Swedish cinnamon buns.

The Avocado Show, De Pijp

You can’t not go to this spot while you’re in Amsterdam! Everything on their menu uses avocado, and the dishes are absolutely beautiful (in addition to incredibly tasty!). I wrote a piece on this place for Well+Good when they opened. (Brunch/lunch)

Bakers and Roasters, De Pijp and Centrum

My absolute favorite spot for brunch in Amsterdam. Their pancakes, smoothie bowls, and egg dishes are all delicious. I had my birthday brunch there, perfectly celebrated with DIY mimosas! I’d recommend their De Pijp location over their location in Centrum, as it’s a little more spacious. (Brunch/lunch)

Benji’s, Amsterdam Oost

A beautifully designed, plant-filled café that has a menu full of super tasty sweet and savory options. They also usually have a yummy cake and pastry selection! (Brunch/lunch)

Coffee + Coconuts, De Pijp

One of the coolest spaces in the city. The café is housed in an old, three-story cinema building and is beautifully designed. Great smoothies, breakfast options, sandwiches, hot chocolate… you can’t go wrong with anything here. (Brunch/lunch)


Adorable boutique that also serves delicious healthy breakfast and lunch food. Hard to resist buying something while you’re there…(Brunch/lunch)

Dignita, Amsterdam Zuid and Centrum locations

A great breakfast and lunch spot that is also very involved in social justice. I would recommend their Zuid location for a cozier interior. Their menu is seasonally inspired, and the sweet and savory options are both wonderful! (Brunch/lunch)

Lavinia Good Food, Amsterdam Zuid and Centrum locations

An adorable, healthy, delicious café with awesome breakfast and lunch options. Very cute interior, friendly staff, and delicious sweets too! One of my favorite cafés to bring visiting friends. (Brunch/lunch)

Buffet van Odette, Central Amsterdam

This is one of the most special restaurants for me in the world, partly because of who I shared meals here. It’s a very elegant, lovely bistro along a beautiful canal. Delicious food, great wine, and yummy desserts too. They have a B&B too which looks adorable! (Nicer)

Jansz, Jordaan

This restaurant is part of the Pulitzer and is in a beautiful part of Amsterdam. The truffle pasta is INSANE but everything on the menu looks and is delicious. (Nicer)

MAZZO, Jordaan

The perfect spot for pizza and wine! The interior is sleek, the wine list is lengthy, and the pizza is delicious. (Nicer)

Morgan & Mees, Amsterdam West

Delicious selection of vegetarian options, fish, and meat entrees. They have great cocktails and desserts too! A luxurious restaurant, but reasonably priced. (Nicer)

Anne Frank House

Van Gogh Museum


Where the “I Amsterdam” sign is.

Equal Yoga

This was where I went when I wanted to do yoga, but really wanted to sweat!

High Studios

This was where I worked out most frequently in Amsterdam. It’s a 45-minute, HIIT based workout with intervals on treadmills, plyo boxes, and on the floor. It’s a great workout, and I found it really fun every time I went!

Studio 191

A more feminine, cozy studio with great barre, pilates, and yoga classes. They have tea and infused water in the studio, and everyone is incredibly friendly.

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