Capri, Italy

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Capri, Italy:
Day Trip

Da Giorgio


Villa Verde

Lemon Tree / Da Paulino

Da Tonino

Il Riccio - (Anacapri)

JK Place

Quissisana Hotel

Palzzette (center of the city by the clock)

Anema e Core

Music & Dancing. Very Italian and fun for after dinner

Number 2

Music & Dancing. Club.

Fontellina (beach)

Spend the day at Fontellina (beach) and enjoy their famous sangria (lunch and chair reservations required).

Reserve a boat

Reserve a boat for the day to take you to the grottos/swimming, Positano and lunch at either La Conca del Sogna (in Sorrento) or Lo Scoglio. Boat Charter Company: Capri Boats is wonderful. Contact owner Julia https://www.capriboats.com / info@capriboats.com

Shopping - Canfora

Best sandal store.

Shopping - 100% Capri

Great linen pieces.

Shopping - Russo

Great men’s and women’s store.

Shopping - Jewelry stores

Virginia, Angela Pettini, & Grazie.


From the Piazzetta walk down Via Vittorio Emanuele towards Via Camerelle, then take Via Tragara towards the natural arch. Continue following the signs which will take you to the Cave of Matermania. Continue walking down to the Punta Tragara for great views of Faraglioni rocks.

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