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Day Trip

The Nimb Hotel

An amazing boutique hotel you would love (only 12 rooms).

Hotel SP34

If you want a cool boutique hotel I would recommend it.


Airbnb has amazing and affordable options.


Trattoria Fiat

For dinner.

Condit original la Glace

For pastry.


I highly recommend you go to this local outdoor market. Lot’s of food options, great outdoor seating, easy to grab food, a bottle of wine or beer and enjoy the weather.


If you are a foodie and want to splurge make a reservation here. The food is all farm to table (they have a garden on the premises), the chef is a NOMA alum. This is a special occasion kind of place.


Also a special occasion type of place. It has a green house in the middle of the city. Make reservations ahead of time if you want to go.

Copenhagen Street Food on Papirøen (Paper Island)

Street food heaven from all over the world. Big artist scene and in the summer lots of outdoor entertainment.

Cafe Atelier September

Great for breakfast and lunch. Healthy and delicious food and great coffee and tea. A short walk from the Nyhavn statue.


Light, simple meals with lots of fresh veggies and organic wines.


Traditional Danish food, not too expensive and really pretty place.


Another NOMA alum, really fresh food. If you don’t feel like doing the food there you can go to their sister coffee/wine place next door, which is really good too.


Super traditional Danish food.

Ol & Brod

A small neighborhood restaurant with a small menu of traditional Danish food, which also has a great tea selection.

Les Trois Cochons

An amazing French restaurant owned by the same company that owns Host. The favorite restaurant of our waiter at Host.


For lunch. Typical Danish. 

Esplanades 48

The old man who owns it, he sold his company for millions and now he opened a restaurant to have a great time. (closed on weekends after 3 o’clock). Check if they have a table online before you go.


For beer and meat.


Fresh food hall and farmers market. Stay and have lunch or apps and wine/beer, followed by a high-end coffee.

Copenhagen Notes

This coffee shop is pretty good and the neighborhood is super fun to walk around.


A chill place, good food and if you like beer for sure a place to go. 

Raw 42

Healthy raw food chain.

Glo Denmark

Healthy kitchen with vegan and organic food. Food looks amazing, even for meat eaters, and colorful!

Apollo bar

Simply delicious Danish Cafe related to Atelier September.

Pate Pate

A cool restaurant in the meatpacking district.

Møller Kaffe & Køkken

Open only for breakfast and lunch. You get to pick your ingredients foropen-facedd sandwiches. Good for lunch.


Make a reservation if you want to go, because I think it made it on to one of the best restaurants in the world. It’s not fancy though.


If you want really good Italian food go here!


This place is super cute and it has a cute coffee shop.

Mad & Kaffee

Great for brunch.


Great for brunch.


Good organic pizza.


Best Mexican.

Gasoline burger

Best burgers.


Værnedamsvej and Papirøen

Big street food place!

Frederiksberg Chokolade

Great ice cream shop.


Great ice cream shop (their IG feed is drool-worthy).


One of my favorites.


Same owners as Ruby, haven’t been but have heard great things.


Try any of the Mikkeller beer bars. When in Copenhagen, you must drink a Mikkeller!

Lousiana Museum of Modern Art

I highly recommend the short train ride to the Lousiana Museum of Modern Art. Just outside the city, you can go in the am and have lunch there…the view is amazing and the food is really good. While you’re there, eat at Sletten!

Design Museum

If you are into design the Design Museum is a must.

Canal boat tour

Take it in the morning, as there are not as much light hours in Copenhagen. I recommend you see the city by boat.

Meatpacking District

Go to the meatpacking district, tons of great shops, lots of art galleries and the photography center is also in that area. Also tons of good places to eat.


It’s much more than an amusement park. It has beautiful gardens and it’s fun to go in the late afternoon, grab a bit and walk around—maybe go on a few rides. Grab dinner at Nimb it’s super good if you happen to be there for lunch or dinner.


Rent a bike, and go to many of the great parks and explore the super cool neighborhoods. 

Copenhagen is a walking and biking town. Many people consider this their “workout,” because you can easily walk 6 miles in one day touring around on foot.


Gorgeous Danish furniture store.


A gorgeous Danish indoor and outdoor design and accessory company.

Mads Norgaard

“Slow fashion.” Ethical gorgeous and classic Danish style pieces.


High-end shopping mall that’s worth a visit!


Go to the østerbro neighborhood and walk around. There are tons of small shops with awesome stuff.


A fashionable shop inspired by global trendsetters. So fun!

Design Zoo

For pottery and ceramics.

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