Paris, France

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Some Helpful Tips:

* No one in Paris tips. Everything is always included!


* Learn a little bit of conversational French before you go. If you attempt to speak in French and then say, “Parlez-vous Anglais?” (or whatever your language), almost everyone will be warm and friendly for your attempt alone.


* When you walk into any shop, anywhere, greet the shop owner with, “Bonjour, Madame/ Monsieur.” When you leave, always say, “Merci! Au revoir!” It’s considered extremely rude not to say hello and good-bye.


* On Sunday, a lot of places close! Here are some good restaurants that are open:

David Lebovitz

Paris, France:
Day Trip


Paris is meant to be lived in, not visited. For this reason, I recommend you stay in a flat, not a hotel, to get a local experience. This is the flat I stayed in (and loved!). http://parisweekender.com/paris-apartment-rental/ When booking, reference, “Emily” to get 10% off your booking!


Get the Montecado Amanda cookie! Holy crumbly goodness that sticks to the roof of your mouth. Also, keep popping your head into the shop to see if they have Schnek Chocolat that day—it’s just like chocolate babka! The ladies that work here are amazing! They gave us free cookies until we found exactly what we were looking for.


A very special date night in Paris with an extensive wine menu. Get the tasting menu.

Las Du Fallafel

This place is an institution! Get the falafel pita sandwich. This extremely casual place almost always has a long line out the door! It moves fast…

Breizh Cafe

Order the Brettagne buckwheat crepe (savory) and then the ginger sweet crepe for dessert. Make sure you swing by the L’epicerie next door and pick up the Gingembre (ginger caramel sauce) and Tuiles au Caramel Salé (crunchy caramel cookies)…to live for! If you have a crepe maker at home, they even sell their special buckwheat mix!

East Mamma

Regina D’Instagram pizza or the Amatriciana pizza. Best pizza dough EVER! The bacon on the Amatriciana will make your salivary glands go crazy. Ask for the Crack Crack Hummus salad for the added health benefits. Because, pizza.

Kotteri Ramen Naritake

Best authentic ramen in PAris. For a thick, salty broth with substance, get the fermented soybean with spicy long green onions (and add a seasoned egg). For something lighter, get the pork broth with “small” fat—and add a seasoned egg!

Wild and the Moon

Santa Monica landed in Paris. A hip plant-based foodie spot, to balance out the pastries.

Holy Belly

A must brunch spot with the best service, ever! The first thing they ask your table is, “How can I make you happy today?” Get the pancakes and bacon with eggs. It’s seriously divine and Instagram breaking. Their coffee is spectacular.

Le Peloton cafe

A fabulous, hip coffee spot with wifi! You’ll see a lot of expats and entrepreneurs set up with their laptops in here.

Frenchie To Go

One of my favorite spots for lunch. Good food, laid back but great customer service. They are the casual dining of two sister restaurants on the same sweet little street, 9 Rue de Nil in the 2nd arrondissement (arr.) They had the best rice pudding of my life, and I never order rice pudding.


The most decadent hot chocolate I’ve ever had! If you haven’t been to an Angelina’s location and the weather is cooler, it’s an exquisite moment to savor! I ended up taking a run to the location by the Luxembourg gardens, which was blissful and not too busy. And the gardens are beautiful! If you want a grand, high tea experience, I’d go to their tearoom location.


La Grande Epicerie

The grandest grocery store! It’s a food lover’s dream! They have prepared foods as well so you can pick up stuff for a picnic, rent a bike, and off you go to a garden to enjoy! The bakery and pastries are delicious! http://www.lagrandeepicerie.com/en.html

L’Avant Comptoir

Standing room only at this wine bar, food is small plates or the crepe house in front of the bar is good too!

Le Bistrot Paul Bert

Classic French bistro.


Go for lunch Monday or Saturday to get his famous pork sandwich, get there when they open at 12pm – http://www.wendylyn.paris/eat-drink/city-guide/abri-katsuaki-okiyama/

Barthelemy cheese shop

In the 7th arr, they have an awesome selection and are rated one of the best. Deepening on what arr. you are in, pick the one that works for you. Here’s a list of the best! http://www.cntraveler.com/galleries/2015-04-15/the-best-cheese-shops-in-paris/3


If you’re looking for a great restaurant on Sunday, this place has great fish! http://goop.com/restaurants/france/paris/11th-12th-arrondissement/clamato/

Naturelle and Bio C Bon

In Paris, food (fruits, veggies, grains, meats, cheeses…) is sold in separate markets. And the best things oftentimes come from several different stores. We realize this is not convenient, but it’s totally worth it! They even have stores just for honey!

Le Marais

The Jewish quarters with tons of the best foodie spots and shopping. Everything here is Instagram worthy: the streets, the food, the shopping. It’s not glitzy glamour, it’s casual chic. I loved it so much, this is the area I rented my Air BnB in.

Walk/run along the canal

Walk/ run along the Seine

There’s a running trail that goes right along the Seine. It’s takes you right by some of the world’s most famous monuments: the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, La Grande Roue! There’s water stations and cute cafes all along this path. You’ll see tons of runners on this wide path–you can even bike it!


Go for a spin class with the locals! This is the premier spin class in Paris–and the first class is complimentary! Book your spot in advance–this place fills up quickly!

Omm Studio

A beautiful, simple yoga studio with wonderful teachers.


Musée de Orsay

Orsay is in an old railway station. The building is light and bright and enjoyable to be in for a bit of time.

Musée de Rodin

Rodin is mostly outdoors, not as much foot traffic and the gardens make for a great improvised photo shoot. I took a book and sat in the garden for a bit. Bliss!

Eiffel Tower

A must!

La Grande Roue

It’s a must to ride the big wheel in Paris. The views are spectacular and it’s just so quintessentially French!

Sacre Coeur

It’s a LOT of steps to get to but worth the view of the city! There’s a little trolley you can take for part of the way.  http://www.sacre-coeur-montmartre.com/english/

Notre Dame

An iconic historical site on the Seine. Not to be missed.

Hop on/hop off bus tour

It is great to get an overview picture of the city and it was pleasant to sit in the sun and enjoy the sites. https://www.hop-on-hop-off-bus.com/paris-hop-on-hop-off-bus-tours

Monet Gardens

100% worth it! You can rent a car to get here which is less expensive and easier than a bus tour. Plus, you can always say you drove in Paris!

Palace of Versailles

You could do it in the same day as Monet Gardens if you are moving quickly through your day. You can take the train here, easily.

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