Santiago, Chile

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Some helpful tips:

ATMS & Money:
ATMs everywhere. Credit Cards accepted mostly everywhere.
Have small bills for buying water on the street or taking taxis.
Kiosks and taxis cannot usually break bills bigger than 10.000

Adaptors: Chileans electrical outlets look like this.
Bring an adaptor and don’t try to use US curling irons or
hair dryers because the Chilean voltage is much stronger.

Arrival at the airport and taxis: I recommend TransVIP.
You can pay with credit card at the booth.
No need to tip the driver when they drop you off.

Curated by @Deeplynourished_Ellie

Santiago, Chile:
Day Trip


Under the W hotel—they have salads you can make to go, or sit down at their restaurant. Very accommodating with food intolerances, etc.


Mainly a high-quality meat and fish place–they have nice veggies and salads, too.


French style cuisine, very high quality, and good service.

Xoco por ti

In Barrio Italia–the BEST ever! Hot chocolate during the winter and chocolate frappes during the summer.

El Huerto

Vegetarian with vegan and GF options.


Owned by the same family as El Huerto.

Tea Connection

Good teas and cafe style food. You have to ask for GF options but they do have them.

HOLM Ensaladaría

Fresh made salads daily to go, mainly whole foods but not all—ask about the ingredients for sure! They also have a few juices and smoothies.

Bar Italia

Only 100% gluten-free restaurant in the city–gourmet style of food.

Aldea Nativa

An amazing little cafe with many gluten and dairy free options. They only use the best ingredients and the food is simple but delicious. They also sell raw desserts in the fridge/freezer and bulk nuts and seeds, homemade almond, peanut, and cashew butter (only place to get this), etc. They sell some organic fruit and vegetables, too. One of the only places to get smoothies that are yummy and simple–not very elaborate ingredients but you can add things in. They just opened a new spot too in the Vitacura neighborhood, but the restaurant is only at the original near the Bilbao metro station.


(Very Organic People) in the El Gol neighborhood. Has some goods, however expensive, and not as many options as Aldea. They do have a delicious GF brownie and GF dairy free chocolate cake (what i get for my bday) if you are looking for good desserts!

Planta Maestra

Lots of vegan options; the Antonio Varas location has a cafe with food. Desserts are definitely NOT whole food based, but most of the food is healthy.

Jugos la Prensa

A shop with other fresh made daily things as well, however I have mainly gotten their juices. One of the only places that has fruit free juice.

Living Juice

Not as many green/fruit free juice options and only available via ordering online.


In Costanera Center Mall. This is one of the main grocery stores; it has some organic fruits and vegetables, chia seeds, lots of good teas, and Califia farms almond milk.


Coffee shop in Barrio El Golf.

Fix Coffee

Coffee shop in Barrio El Golf.


Coffee shop in Lastaria neighborhood.


Coffee shop in Lastaria neighborhood.

Museo de la Memoria

About the dictatorship–intense but highly recommended. Located near Metro Quinta Normal.

Barrio Italia

Mainly for walking around, visiting the chocolate bar, having some coffee or food, and shopping. There is a Jazz bar around there that is fun in the evenings.

Barrio Bella Vista

Boho neighborhood that sits at the base of Cerro San Cristobal. Lots of restaurants here and it’s cool to walk around. Includes one of Pablo Neruda’s houses which is open for tours.

Cerro San Cristobal

Walk up or take the funicular up for an overlook of the city.

Los Dominicos

A great artisan market you should definitely go to on any day but Monday.

Costanera Sky

Overlook at the top of the tallest building in South America.

Bike or walking tours with Bicicleta Verde

Highly recommend for tours of Santiago.

Cerro Santa Lucia

In Barrio Lastaria. This is the most beautiful fortress built in the middle of the city with beautiful gardens and views. Grab a yummy coffee afterwards, or ice cream at Café de la Opera afterwards.

Vineyard for a tour and tasting

There are a few really cool vineyards within 1-1.5 hours from Santiago (toward the coast or to the south). There is an awesome restaurant that is worth visiting near the costal vineyards called Macerado in the town of Casablanca. There are a few cool historical vineyards in the south of the city, too, that people really like–Santa Rita in particular.

Mountains for a hike or an overnight stay at Cascada de las Animas en Cajon de Maipo

https://www.cascadadelasanimas.cl/ Stayed there in their Suite Borde Rio–I highly recommend it. The stay includes a 1-hour hike to a waterfall, and they have a lot of other adventure activities, a pool, massages, etc. Reservations recommended.

Valparaiso and Viña del Mar

Get an Airbnb or hotel and visit historic Valpo and then hang out on the beach in Viña del Mar. If you want to surf, drive .5 hrs up the coast to ConCon.

**Valpo requires at least a half a day of exploring, there are a few Tours for Tips which are fun to do because it is easy to get a little disoriented there. Viña doesn’t offer much to do beyond a big artisan market and the beach.


A little town to the south-west of the city that is known for its clay work and traditional food.

Cumbres Lastarria

In the hippest neighborhood of downtown – 1 block off the metro line.

Hotel Boutique Le Reve

More European style boutique hotel, in Providencia (uptown-like). On the metro line.

Hotel Bonaparte

Quietest option. European style and offers a good breakfast. 15 minute walk to metro.


Stay in the Providencia neighborhood; you are centrally located and often it’s very affordable compared to hotels if you like having a place to cook and hang out!

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