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Welcome to! This is the place to seek inspiration for radical self-acceptance. Welcome to our community of brave, strong, and beautiful women.

Emily Nolan is the International Spokeswoman of Radical Self-Acceptance. Recognized as one of the “Most Influential Thought Leaders in Wellness” and named one of the “Rockstar Yogis Leading the Body-Positive Movement,” Emily is a globally leading authority on self-confidence. Her work has been recognized by hundreds of global leaders and media sources. Emily has spoken in four countries to thousands of women, students, and athletes.

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Let the journey to radical self-acceptance begin!
Here’s what I put together to help you get you started:


Pretty Brave

A true story of radical self-acceptance and a young woman’s coming of age in a body-obsessed world.

Pretty Brave is a story that few women are willing to tell but that all need to hear. With humor and warmth, I share my lifelong struggle with weight and self-image and the commitment I eventually made to love my body and live with radical honesty. It gives readers an in-depth look at the plus-size modeling industry and its many dirty secrets and examines how my career affected my physical and mental health. It’s an intimate and empowering look at the pressures that all women face, one that encourages readers to ask, “What does it mean to be ‘perfect’? And who gets to make that decision?”
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Free Cookies

Move every day and remind yourself that your Earth Suit’s purpose is to provide a physical experience for you, it’s not to be a beauty equation.

Emily Nolan talks diets, deprivation, eating disorders, plastic surgery, liposuction and her journey through 16 different sizes as a model to becoming a self-care, body-positive blogger. Kate gets called out for her non-adulting ways while Kathryn breaks a cardinal cookie rule.

Soul on Fire

I committed to myself because I love myself; and because I love myself, I want to be the happiest version of myself.

Jordan chats with her sister from another mister Emily Nolan — international model, authenticity master, radical self-acceptance leader, incredible writer, and the founder of TOPLESS yoga — a self-confidence yoga event and retreat series used as a tool for self-love. They talk about everything from their crazy similarities to Emily’s “four stages of self” in which she found her most evolved self, a.k.a “Full Emily.” Not to mention Emily’s recent 45 pound weight loss — how she did it...

IRL experiences with the Emily Nolan
Radical self-acceptance tribe
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Community Love

Joe Cross, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead @joethejuicer

“Emily is the real deal! She has that special gift of being able to communicate her message in a way that is honest, empowering, inspiring and compassionate. Her story is relatable and her solutions are achievable… Self-love and self-acceptance has never been more important in a world filled with so much judgment.”

Kathryn Budig, Co-host of ESPNw Free Cookies Podcast, Author of Aim True @kathrynbudig

“Bold enough to share her story—stripped of filters, ego, and curation—for all those in need of honesty, support, and belief that they’re not alone.”

Patricia Tortolani, Editor-in-Chief of Ocean Drive Magazine @patricia_tortolani

“Emily is a disruptor in every sense of the word. By telling her story with honesty and courage, she is changing the way we talk about our bodies, the way we feel about our bodies, and the way society labels our bodies.”

Jean Kwok, New York Times bestselling author @jeankwokauthor

“Emily is an inspiration: passionate, insightful, dedicated, honest, funny and most importantly, filled with love and kindness. A gift to all those who know her.”

Amy Jo Martin, New York Times bestselling author, speaker, and Why Not Now podcast host @amyjomartin

“After 30 years of body image struggles, I finally started to make positive progress for the first time due to Emily and her powerful message. She leads by example and she’s as real as it gets. Life-changing!”

Well + Good @iamwellandgood

“The new It retreat”

Danika Brysha, Model Meals @danikabrysha

“Vulnerable, courageous, inspiring, aspirational and yet totally relatable.”

Jordan Younger, The Balanced Blonde @tbbpodcast

“My podcast listeners completely fell in love with her!”

Brooks Running @brooksrunning

“A great job bringing our campaign to life with her infectious energy and passion for the run.”

Caroline Burkle, American Olympic bronze medalist swimmer @caroburckle

“Em is a GEM. She is the most relatable human alive[….]but by her ability to engage, love, and incorporate full human vulnerability into all of her relationships.”

Mind Body Green @mindbodygreen

“Her writing is brave but vulnerable, sassy but self-aware, and kind but tough.”

Kelly J., United Nations

“We are all human, and we are all women fighting and shining through in a world that is complicated.”

Liz Lindh, Director, The Sanctuary at Two Rivers @thesanctuaryattworivers

“Laughter, tears, storytelling, and movement brought us together.”

Beth Doane, Darling @bethdoane

“Emily is an incredible woman – Truly brave and always inspiring.”

Tasha Wahl Artist, Author Entrepreneur

“Emily Nolan is off the charts rockin’ it with her mission to inspire us with radical honesty and radical self-acceptance. She’s one of today’s fresh new voices to follow.”

Compass, Realty compass

“The value that Emily provided our agents was key in their understanding of building their personal brands in an increasingly digital world…”

Skye Dyer, Singer songwriter

“The voice of truth for this generation. I just love her realness.”

Kate Fagan, ESPN, New York Times Bestselling author of What Made Maddy Run @katefagan3

“Emily Nolan’s story, Pretty Brave, is exactly the kind our young people need: a personal one that aims to shatter the lies so many of us have been told about what our bodies are supposed to look like. Young women have always measured themselves against the images they see, but in an age when those images are ubiquitous, a non-stop onslaught, Pretty Brave is a beacon of truth – raw and essential – in our glossy world.”

Amy Keller Laird, Former Editor-in-Chief of Women’s Health magazine @amykellerlaird

“Emily’s story is an essential one in our current age of body shaming. I’m still not sure people fully understand the measures some models and companies go to to achieve the ‘perfect’ look. Hearing about Emily’s struggles with and eventual acceptance of her body is a message every girl and woman can benefit from on the road to self-confidence.”

Giving Back.

Emily is shaping our future by inspiring students and student-athletes to #beprettybrave. Nolan volunteers her time at schools around the world and has fun engaging her younger audience while sharing her tools for radical self-acceptance.

Interested in having Emily come speak at your school? Apply here!

Emily speaking to students