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Welcome to! This is the place to seek inspiration for radical self-acceptance. 

Emily Nolan is the host of Brave Talks, sharing radical honesty and self-acceptance. Recognized as one of the “Most Influential Thought Leaders in Wellness” by Mind Body Green, Emily is a globally leading authority on radical self-acceptance. Her work as a model at 16 sizes and founding Topless Yoga, a bras-on bellies-out self-confidence event, has been recognized by hundreds of global leaders and media sources. Emily has presented in four countries to thousands of women, students, and athletes.

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Free Cookies

Move every day and remind yourself that your Earth Suit’s purpose is to provide a physical experience for you, it’s not to be a beauty equation.

Emily Nolan talks diets, deprivation, eating disorders, plastic surgery, liposuction and her journey through 16 different sizes as a model to becoming a self-care, body-positive blogger. Kate gets called out for her non-adulting ways while Kathryn breaks a cardinal cookie rule.

Soul on Fire

I committed to myself because I love myself; and because I love myself, I want to be the happiest version of myself.

Jordan chats with her sister from another mister Emily Nolan — international model, authenticity master, radical self-acceptance leader, incredible writer, and the founder of TOPLESS yoga — a self-confidence yoga event and retreat series used as a tool for self-love. They talk about everything from their crazy similarities to Emily’s “four stages of self” in which she found her most evolved self, a.k.a “Full Emily.” Not to mention Emily’s recent 45 pound weight loss — how she did it...


Today’s episode with my good friend Emily Nolan was one of the most honest, hilarious and entertaining conversations I’ve had on the show. As UNCW graduates and collegiate athletes, Emily and I connect over much more than just the surface stuff. In fact, we dive right in from the start and her story encourages me...

Why Not Now?

Our culture wants us to live in the future of an idea of what we could be – and that idea is always better than what we are now. But in truth, is it?

Emily Nolan found herself lying on an operating table in the middle of a life or death Why Not Now? moment. She had modeled at 16 different sizes and lived a life in pursuit of being “pretty” until she realized that nothing would ever be enough. Emily now practices radical honesty and self-acceptance. We talk through how she got to a point where she feels healthy in her Earth Suit. We discuss the impact our culture around beauty has on society. Emily said, “Our culture wants us to never have an end game. To always buy, consume and to never have enough and to live in the future of an idea of what we could be – and that idea is always better than what we are now. But in truth, is it?”

Topless Yoga, Speaking, and IRL experiences with Emily Nolan >

Giving Back.

Emily is shaping our future by inspiring students and student-athletes to #beprettybrave. Nolan volunteers her time at schools around the world and has fun engaging her younger audience while sharing her tools for radical self-acceptance.

Interested in having Emily come speak at your school? Apply here!

Emily speaking to students