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Emily Nolan is the host of Brave Talks, a podcast sharing radical honesty and self-acceptance. She’s been recognized as one of the “Most Influential Thought Leaders in Wellness” by Mind Body Green (MBG), “Women to Watch: The Body Reformer,” by Ocean Drive, and one of the “Rockstar Yogis Leading the Body-Positive Movement,” also by MBG. Her work as a model at 16 sizes (0-16) and founding Topless Yoga, a bras-on bellies-out self-confidence event, has been recognized by hundreds of global leaders and media sources. Emily has presented in four countries to thousands of women, students, and athletes.

A former model and Division 1 athlete who struggled deeply with disordered eating, body dysmorphia, and plastic surgery–breast implants, followed by full-body liposuction, and a breast explant–Emily regularly shares her story and message via her award-winning blog,, and across multiple social media platforms, where she has over 250,000 combined followers. She’s been featured in Elle, Elle Canada, CosmopolitanESPNw, Ocean Drive Magazine, PopsugarSeventeen, Women’s Health, and Yoga Journal, among many other places, and has appeared on the Today Show.

She holds a BA in Entrepreneurship and Business Development and Leadership Studies from the University of North Carolina Wilmington and a Masters Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell. She lives in Coconut Grove, FL with her husband, Matt, son Oliver, and rescue dog, Spunky.

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We’re allowed to change.

There have been four versions of Emily in my lifetime:

Young Emily,
Pretty Emily,
Brave Emily, and
Mama Emily.

Each transition into a new version of myself was marked by transformational events.

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Little Emily put a cereal bowl over her head and cut her hair off to look like her big brother (who ironically has long dreads now). She was unbothered by cultural expectations and was unafraid of living intuitively and from her heart.

7 years old
Little Emily

At 10 years old, Little Emily became Pretty Emily when her friend locked her in the bathroom at a sleepover and demanded, “Let me weigh you.” That’s the first time she knew she was different–bigger–than the other girls. From here, she would begin chasing “pretty.”

10 years old
young emily nolan
Little Emily becomes Pretty Emily

At 26, Pretty Emily became Brave Emily after she risked her life as a plus-size model with full-body liposuction (even plus-size models get their bodies sculpted to perfection). She decided that there was so much more to live for than the constant worry about the small details of her Earth Suit.

26 years old
pretty emily nolan
Pretty Emily

At 30, Brave Emily had a breast explant and finished the Paris Marathon as a celebration of her natural Earth Suit, becoming Full Emily—the fullest, happiest, most radically self-accepting version of herself. You would think. But, I actually relapsed and experienced Red-S (undernourishing and over-exercising) and went through two years of infertility due to my lack of self-compassion and trust. It’s important to note that healing and self-acceptance are not linear or black and white.

30 years old
Brave Emily

Being a full-time caregiver and food allergy mama has given me so much empathy and compassion for others. I’m fascinated by bravery, and how women can use it to become a better version of themselves.

Mapping out my personal timeline as the many versions of Emily has allowed me to gather more understanding about certain times in my life. These distinctions have helped me find forgiveness and permission to change when things no longer felt right. 

Mama Emily
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I cherish giving back to students and  student-athletes. Each year, I attend college and high school campuses to speak with student athletes about body confidence and the importance of fueling their Earth Suit properly. I also love to talk to students about authenticity and personal branding on social media.

Interested in having Emily come speak at your school? Apply here!

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work with Emily

I love to collaborate with innovative brands and showcase products and services I personally use and believe my followers need.

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