Barefoot Dreams: The Coziest Essentials Every Mom Must Have in Their Hospital Bag

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When I asked you on Instagram, “What were the best hospital bag essentials you packed?” so many of you wrote me with the most thoughtful (seriously, well thought out!) suggestions. I received so many great tried-and-true answers, and one of the best responses was, “Cozy things for Mama! I bought a Barefoot Dreams pajama set, robe, and socks to walk around the hospital in and I highly recommend it to all of my girlfriends!”
Another one of my girlfriends had mentioned getting a pajama set with pants, not a dress, because you’ll want to be walking around the hospital and not look like a “freak with exposed compression socks on. Especially if your family is taking pictures of you!” (Great tip, JJ!)
I took JJ’s advice and packed my hospital bag with the coziest pajama set and blanket for Oliver, and we received so many compliments on them. It also boosted my self confidence during the days following birth, because I was adorning myself with beautiful, comfortable pajamas that I could move around in and snuggle up to my new baby with. I’ve owned a lot of matching PJ sets in my life, but Barefoot Dreams is by far the most luxurious and cozy.
I was also told in my birthing class to wear dark colored clothes or pajamas that won’t “stain” during postpartum recovery…in case of any mama accidents. Ya know what I mean? Also, our teacher mentioned to “bring your own adult diapers in your hospital bag” (another great recommendation!).
The truth is, when I asked the question on Instagram, I was really thinking about packing the bare essentials for Matt and me, like underwear and clean clothes, but I never thought about my own comfort as much as I thought about Oliver’s. Thank you, ladies, for reminding me about the importance of self-care in a time when I’m going full-on goo-goo over Oliver.
I mean, how cute are these photos of Ollie snuggling up in his Barefoot Dreams Receiving Blanket in his first week. Look at him snuggle up to his grandma in that blanket! The sweetness of a snuggly, sleeping baby totally pulls at my heart strings.
Here’s what I picked out for my Barefoot Dreams Hospital Bag Essentials:
I had to get Ollie a little something to go home in, too:
And I threw in the cutest cozy outfit for him: