Why I Unfollowed Fitness Influencers With A Perfect Body

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I went for a run this morning and did something I never used to do during exercise. I stopped. And took it all in. I thought about how grateful I was to listen to my body and be present enough in my experience. Not letting the influence of other influencers push me past the moment of beauty I was staring at–a vast vacant beach with lapping water.

In my past life, I would have pushed past this moment. I wouldn’t have stopped to say a prayer to the Power(s) that Be. I wouldn’t have stopped for a picture. I would have barreled through my workout and it would not have been as enjoyable.

I wanted to share why I unfollowed many of the fitness influencers with “perfect bodies.” It’s important that we all know we can do hard things, but not at the detriment of our well-being.

Lots of love!